HELLO peps

Hello, it´s Emilia.

I am a girl living in Norway, in a city close to the capital Oslo. The city I live in is called Sandvika and I attend to Sandvika high school, close to my home. This is a big school with 1000 students.

This blog is made for schoolwork, and yet, I don´t really know what I am going to publish here. I think it will be posts that is school related. Maybe articles, discussing texts or my thoughts. In my school we have English every Wednesday, so the blogposts will maybe be posted on Wednesdays.

Bilde tatt 26.08.15 kl. 09.21

This is a picture of me right now, taken in class. I am 15 years old, and was born October 29, 1999. I am really exited to start this blog, and I hope you will have fun following me.

See ya later, alligator! Peace and love from emiliabloggen


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