The Prime Minister rejected my high five

Hey followers,

Like I told you last week, the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, was coming to Sandvika school. Since we had a substitute teacher in Science I asked to go down to meet Erna. He said it was OK, and I met Erna while she was going out of the car, with a lot of men in black around her. I was really exited, and was so starstrucked to meet her. I think I maybe have met her before at the Norwegian Parlament, called Stortinget, but I had just greeted her.

Since she was coming to my school, I thought maybe God had given me another chance to take a selfie with her. I really thought I should use the chance I had, so while all the students was standing inside the school, I was standing where she parked. This gave med a perfect opportunity to take a great selfie with her. I filmed my whole meeting with her at Snapchat, because I had a nice Selfie-view. I made her say Hello, and I saw someone giving her a high five. I thought I should do the same, because I filmed. But then she rejected the high five!!

I was so happy, so embarrased, but still happy again, and I caught this on tape. It was so cool that I had managed to take a great selfie-tape with the Prime Minister, so I posted it on My Story on Snapchat. Then all my snap-friends could watch me getting rejected in 24 hours. But it was a so cool video, so I did not care. I would love to share it to you guys!

This event was in the newspapers, not Ernas high five reject, but that she visited our school. The reason she visited us was that she was going to see how students worked with digital books and digital learning materials, which we do in our class. She is the leader of the political party called Høyre (the conservatives), They do not want two written languages in Norway, as we have today. They want the second written language in Norway should be voluntary to learn.

If you click on the link below you can see pictures of Erna at our school. In picture 8, you can spot me to the left. I am the exited girl in the middle of her passage, while everyone is standing away from her.

Erna and me in the newspapers

ernaemiliaI think it was really cool to meet Erna, and she was a big inspiration to me. Since nobody in my class wanted to be in the student council, I volunteered, like Erna would have done. Now me and Helene Lundin is in the student council!!!

Here you can see a series of pictures, from when I told her to say hello, to when she gave a boy a high five, and then rejected me :(((

Please share this, if you feel sorry for me.



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