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It´s English-Wednesday and today we watched a movie called Spare Parts. It was a movie about some teenagers from Mexico that lived in the U.S., without residence permit, that joined a underwater robot competition.

The movie was based on a true story, only small changes from the reality were done in the movie. It was surprising that the characters personalities were almost similar to the real ones.

  • There is a lot of truth in the characterizations of the students. Oscar Vazquez was an ROTC cadet who dreamed of enlisting in the Army but couldn’t because he was undocumented. He was just as much a natural leader as the character shown in the film. Cristian Arcega was the nerdy designer of the robot. Luis Aranda was big and quiet, but not at all slow. Lorenzo Santillan was not only a smart-aleck, but also an intuitive mechanic, if not quite the mechanical whiz shown in the movie; Lorenzo came up with some of the innovations that made Stinky a success. (

The teams in the movie had different resources to use on the robots according to their economy. The more money they spend on the robots, the more fancy equipment. The Hayden team had a really low budget and made a low cost robot. I think the reason they won, was because they had constructed the robot in a really good way.

The robots can be used to “help decommission reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant is to undergo tests before entering the harsh radioactive environment, it’s been reported.” (

Spare Parts Trailer


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