How technology is helping me learn!

Hello readers!

Today I want to tell you about how we are learning using technology in my class. I am attending to Sandvika high school in Norway. We are a quite technological school, and we are using technology in every school lesson. Every student use either Mac, iPad, PC or Surface. We use it to note, read and find information. In every classroom they have modern smart boards, projectors and whitebords, which the teachers uses during classes,

I started at Sandvika after this summer vacation. My class was selected as a test group. We were supposed to have all of our textbooks online, including the dictionary. Our teacher Ann, gave our books away, so we are learning by using only the internet in our English class. In the beginning, I was a bit disappointed, by being chosen as the test group. It was a lot of different meanings around whether it was a positive or a negative thing, so I tried to listen to the positive sides. I was scared it would be really exhausting to read the books digitally. After a couple of months, I was glad we were selected as the test group. It is much more easy to find things in the books, because we have the opportunity to search in the book. It is also really chill to not have tons of books to drag around, since I only need my laptop. This is especially very practical during weekends and holidays.

All of our schoolwork, whether it is tests or assignments, is located on a school platform called Its Learning. Here can the teacher give us homework, assignments and messages, but they can also give us grades and marks. It is the complete school application. In English class, we are using technology, by submitting all of our homework to our blog. We have used a technologically quiz called Kahoot, where we can learn by having fun. In math classes, we have the textbook online on using a software program called Kikora. This program gives me the same tasks I can find in the textbook, but gives me the opportunity to do the tasks online. It corrects me if I am doing something wrong, which leads me to see where I did my mistakes and learn from that. This is practical if I do something wrong in the beginning of the math piece exercise.

We are using technology to help us learn in many different ways, and I think it is really nice. Technology is the future, and almost every adults uses computers in their job. It is something you will need no matter what. It can have some negative sides, like you are very depending on having internet connection. On the other hand, Sandvika is a really big school with great technology, and it usually works really well.

  • Emilia

22 thoughts on “How technology is helping me learn!

  1. Hi Emilia
    I am a South African Student from Dainfern College. Our History homework assignment was to go home and read one of your classmates blogs on the use of technology in school and leave a short comment on how we use technology in our school. We use the Google platform for most of the technological work we do, Google Classroom has become an integrated part of our lives. We are not quite as paperless as you are and we still use workbooks in all of our classes, but we have the option to submit just about all of our assignments across subjects online. My school is quite technologically advanced in that all of our reports and project/test results are released online. Our extramurals and sports are also signed up for using our student ID’s. It’s always fascinating to hear about how other people do things around the world – thank you for your article on how technology helps you learn!
    – Erin (Grade 9, Dainfern College)

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  2. Hey Emilia,
    I’m Paige and i am a student in Dainfern College in South Africa. We have been told to comment on your students blogs and i must say it was extremely interesting to read and find out all about how your school uses technology. At our school we use our tablets, phones and computers to do certain tasks and research. I think it would be cool for us to try use a more advanced form of technology like your school does. its seems much more convenient as we wont have to carry all our books around and rather just use one device.
    thank you for this insightful article.


  3. Well, i believe that you are really lucky to be in that test group! As you said technology IS the future and the future is ours! Iliana Zouzeli (from Greece) 😉

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  4. Hi! The way you study in Norway sounds really nice and interesting! I leave in Greece where we still use books in classrooms and only teachers use computers and the projectors to show us several things about our subjects. Students use the classroums’ computers only to present a presentation they’ve made about a subject or something interesting they’ve found. I would really like to attend the lessons the way you do over there.

    Chara Zaganidou (Greece, Thessaloniki, 14) 🙂

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    1. Hi Chara!
      Only a couple of years ago, in primary school, my classes was like yours. We had books, and we only used the projectors when we had presentations. In the middle school, our school was a test-school, to see how it was to use iPads in classes. All the students got an iPad each.
      Today I go to High school, and we use our own computers. I use a Mac, and I need it in every class. It is different to not have any books, but I think it is a lot positive sides.

      Emilia from Norway 🙂


  5. Hello from Alaska Emilia!

    I have been attending a technology based school in Anchorage, Alaska, for about six years now. There’s a lot of similarities in the way that both of our schools use technology, however, at our school, all classes are run on computers. We have an online grading system that also gives us assignments, kind of like your platform “It’s Learning”. Our whole school is like a really long experiment, in the sense that we are always changing things in regards to technology to make learning more efficient and beneficial. We started using Google Docs and Gmail about four years ago, which seems to make everything easier. It’s faster to share things with people in our classes and collaborate. We rarely use paper assignments anymore, usually only in math where it’s easier to record things by hand.

    Our school is also an experiment in the way we grade and move through grade levels. We can go faster and do work before the class does in order to graduate and move on to college early. The technology aspect helps us with this objective.

    Your school looks very beautiful, by the way!

    – Paige (Grade 12, Highland Tech Charter School)

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    1. Hi Paige!!
      Wow, so interesting, how you do it in Alaska. I feel the same way like you said, we are on a long experiment with all the technology. We have also tested out Google Docs. We used it in middle school, when we wrote assignments together. It was a really smart way to write together. In my high school we use something called One Note. It is our amazing Notebook, where we can make folders for every subject, instead of writing on word, and make thousands of documents. In One Note we also have this Google Docs opportunity to write together on a common paper. The teacher can also correct our texts and put it in One Note.
      Thank you Paige, I really like our school building. Our middle school was really ugly, so it is good to start in a new and beautiful school. The school is one of the newest schools in my area.

      Fun to talk to you Paige!:)


      1. Hey Emilia!
        I have a question for you! My friend was wondering how much your tuition for school is, or if there is a tuition. We don’t have a tuition, so we were just curious. Thanks!
        – Paige


      2. Hey again Paige!
        I am not really sure what a tuition is… Is it almost the same as scholarships? In Norway we all get the opportunity to apply for scholarships to the government. School is supposed to be free, but in every school you need a computer to do schoolwork. In the middle school, we had school computers to borrow. Now in high school, we can apply for scholarships, because we all need to buy our own computer. It is different how much tuition you get. You need to fill in information to apply to a scholarship, and it depends on how much your parents earn or if you only got one or less to breadwinner you. Almost everyone gets 900 Norwegian kroner, around 106 dollars. This is for people with no economical problems. Then we get the opportunity to buy the cheapest school computer with the tuition, or use some of our own money to buy more expensive computers. I live in the richest area in Norway, so almost 99% uses MacBooks. Every year we get the opportunity to search for a new tuition.

        Haha I reaaally hope tuition is what I think it is, because I wrote a really long text hahah 😀


      3. Yeah! You totally answered my question! My friend was sort of thinking about going to Norway and she really liked your school, so she was wondering about how much it costs. That’s really cool that your school has the opportunity for scholarships for your computers. I had to buy mine myself!


  6. I’m so glad I was able to have this time in class to read your blog! You really did great! I can definitely relate to it because I go to Highland Tech Charter School in Alaska and we are a technology based school so we use computers for just about everything! I’m glad you see that there are positive and negative sides to technology also. It is good to be aware of that. Have a great day!

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    1. Thank you Melody!! I am really glad to hear that. 🙂
      Yes, I think it is really important to not be too dependent on the technology, in case something does not work one day. It is interesting how we can work with technology in similar ways around the world.
      Hope you have a really nice day too 🙂


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