The American Dream

There are a lot of the popular music genres that has its roots in the U.S., for example blues, rock and roll, country and jazz. There are a lot of famous american artists. Movies have been prodused in the US since the end of the 1800´s. Since the first world war has Hollywood been the symbol of American filmindustry.

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The British-American war in 1812-1815 affected the American literature and culture. A number of new literary names stood out, like Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper and Edgar Allen Poe. Mark Twain was the first really famous author from the US. He wrote the novel “Huckleberry Finn”.

The Amercian kitchens is affected by immigrants, and what you think of as typical american, is often brought to America by immigrants. Typical American cuisine is include apple pie, hot dogs, hamburgers, donuts and pizza. Hamburgers and pizza comes actually from Germany and Italy, but has been changed in the shape in America. It is really typical American to change the size of the dishes, to bigger.

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The USA has always been called the land of promise, and has always been affected by a lot of immigrants that wanted to start a new life in America. Ellis Island was the port of entry for millions of European immigrants in the period 1892 – 1954.

The United States is a democratic two-party country that was based on freedom and liberty when it fought against its colonial master, the UK in the 18th century. The country is one of the most capitalistic countries in the world and this has created a huge impact on our enviroment and world pollution. In 2008 the majority of the Americans voted for a new course. They voted for a black man named Barack Obama. By voting for Obama they took a clear stand against Obama`s predessceor Georg W. Bush and his foreign policies that had made many people hate The United States. Barack Obama is in his second term now and in 2016 he will be replaced by someone else, perhaps Mr. Trump? One of the main attractions in the US is The White House which is the official residence of the American president. The White House lies in the American capital, Washington D.C. The Congress(Nasjonalforsamlingen) has hundreds of seats relocated for the different senators from all over the country and from the two main parties in the US. Also the cabinate members, like the position of the Vice President are appointed by the president, but must also be approved by the Congress at Capitol Hill. The United States has several issues. One of the main issues is the fact that capital punishment in some of the states is the death penalty. Here in Norway we value the fact that every life and soul is holy and the capital punishment is 21 years. The view on this matter differs very much from the humanist inspired Europe. Another issue the United States has is gun control which we sadly saw just a few days ago. There are over 10 000 people killed by guns in the US every year because of the constitutions second amendment which allows every american to own a gun and defend themselves. Guns are very restricted in Europe overall, but in the US everyone can obtain a gun. The present president Obama is trying to pass a law that may control the guns and restrict them to ensure eace and safety. But this will be met harshly by the Republicans (Elequant too the Conseratives). The United states is also a capitalistic country and that means that they do not have NAV or other agencies like we have in Norway. Statistics show that more than 30 million americans can`t eat themselves full everyday. So all in all, The states may be the most powerful country, but at the same time it has many and serious issues in both foreign politics and domestic affairs.

Education and Trade Unions The school system in the US is quite different from the Norwegian school system. We have primary, junior high school and high school before college or Universitetet as we call it in Norwegian. Every American kid is guarenteed 12 years of school enrolment. Some subjects such as English, science and calculus(maths) are mandatory for every student in both public and private schools. Many americans can`t afford to og to college because of the high school and tution fees.

In the worklife Americans are not so into Trade unions as we europeans. Why it is like that, i can not answer. But i think that they deem Trade unions as socialist and to be deemed socialist in the US is not a good thing.

United Stades is the third biggest country in the world, after Russia and Canada. Its 30 times bigger than Norway, in size.

It contains of 50 different states, but the most known is New York, Florida and California. The tourism industry in The Stated is large.

We can divide the nation into four main regions. The northern, the south, the midwest and the west. The climate is very varying from those different regions. It goes from tropial climate in California and Hawaii, and to cold weather in Alaska.

It lives approximately 340 millions inhabitants in the US, and the country has the third largest population after China and India.


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