The Rainbow Serpent

Today we watched an Aboriginal movie in the English class. The Aboriginals are the original inhabitants of Australia. Archaeologists believe that the Aboriginals first arrived Australia around 45 000 years ago. The Aboriginals make up to 3 % of the Australian population.

In class we watched the “The Rainbow Serpent”. It was a story with a lot of actions, but I think the plot in the end was how the animals came to Australia.

The story began with the Aboriginals in a area where there was nothing, other than the Aboriginals. No animals and no landscape existed. A huge Rainbow Serpent found the Aboriginals.

One day two Bil-bil brothers was looking for shelter, but no one had a room for them. They asked their grandmother, but she had too many dogs. The Bil-bil brothers decided to ask the Rainbow Serpent for help.

The Rainbow Serpent said they could come in to his mouth. He swallowed them, but began to worry what the Aboriginals may say. He decided to hide on a big mountain.

The people found out that the Bil-bil-brothers were missing and understood that the Rainbow Serpent had swallowed them. They went to the mountain, but they did not manage to climb up.

Two boys managed it, and they cut the Rainbow Serpent open while the Serpent was sleeping, just to find the Bil-bil brothers. But the two brothers had turned into rainbow birds. The birds flew away.

When the Rainbow Serpent woke up, he understood that he had been cut open and he went mad! He crushed the mountain and all the people had to run for their lives. He made rocks fall from the mountain. A lot of people got hit by the rocks and they turned into animals.

I think that is how the story went, and that the plot is how animals came to the world. The Aboriginals lives of the nature, and the tribe has a lot of myths and stories of how they think the world was made. Instead of believing in God they believe in their stories.


Sources :

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