Kahoot movie – my day as an editor

Hey guys!

Today we spent most of the day working on a video task we started on before christmas. It was a really fun day. Since we already were done with the script, we got started filming immediately. The class was divided into two groups, one group to make a Kahoot movie, and another group to make a video about how we work in class. I was on the Kahoot group. We divided the different roles, like directors, editors, script writers and film crew. Mathias and me were editors and worked with editing the movie, during the casting. We had already learned how to use the green screen in iMovie before christmas, so we had no problems during the editing.

Our group was so lucky to borrow costumes and props like camera from the “Media and communication”-group we have on Sandvika. We also used the green screen during the filming, to insert different backgrounds to the different scenes. The result ended up really funny! I have linked the video here if you will go take a look. We were creative with the costumes we had, and found something for each scene.

Our message in the movie, is that Kahoot is a fun and easy way to learn, and that everybody should use it. At the same time Kahoot is a technological way to learn, and we all know that technology is our future.

Here are some pictures we took at the set.


  • Emilia

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