How can I improve my English?

Good morning!

Today I will reflect on how I can improve my English, avoid grammar mistakes and work on my vocabulary and my pronunciation. We use a lot of different ways to practice our pronunciation in our English classes, like making movies, skyping with students around the world and making radio shows. Ann suggested some websites that could help us complete our 3 competency goals.

Here are the 3 competency goals she wanted us to master. These competency goals are the same for every English student in Norway.

  • Evaluate and use different situations, working methods and learning strategies to further develop one’s English-language skills
  • Evaluate own progress in learning English
  • Evaluate different digital resources and other aids critically and independently, and use them in own language learning

I started going through the grammar web pages my English teacher had posted on her blog. I liked the first page called “study zone” very well, due to that you could choose what you wanted to learn more about, either reading, grammar or vocabulary. I chose grammar, and then I had to choose a topic, for example, adjectives. What I really liked about this web page was that it was a lesson first, and after reading the lesson it were exercises. This way of learning, by reading rules and then practice them, is a good way for me to learn.

The NDLA-page had a lot of good tips on how to improve my English, but there were not as many good exercises to do. I did not like the tasks as well as the “study zone”, because I did not learn as much from them.

I also downloaded a software called Grammarly to help me in my writing. I think Grammarly will be really helpful to me because I can see my mistakes and easier learn from my mistakes.





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